May 17, 2013

The Loves of My Life!!

I was so impressed with what Ron and the kids did for my Birthday!! They really went all out making me feel ever so special.  Ron and Madison worked hard on the decorations!!  I was greeted home with this Batman Banner on the Garage then I entered our home after a long night of traveling home from San Fransisco.  There were pink streamers hanging everywhere with balloons galore.  On the table sat Batman Birthday decorations.  We waited a day to celebrate because it was so late when I got back from San Fransisco.   After the kids got home from Dance and Soccer the party began.  My Honey and the Kids got me a rather large flat screen TV for the bedroom along with a blue-ray player.  With only a few more years until our first leaves on his mission I know this will make for some fun movie nights and sleep overs in our room.  We did not get it hooked up watch TV it will only be used for movie night and my netflix watching of Bones!! WE ended up having a mini movie night watching  Batman 2 and the picture was so crisp with the Blue ray. Fun times and I adore my family. I really had one of the best Birthday's I have ever had. 
Loved seeing this when I got home.
Kids were watching as I reached over and kissed my Batman!!