April 01, 2013

This time last year!

This is so true!!   Life is getting better each and every day!!  I look back at last year at this time and see how much different life is.  I see what is important and what is not.  God granted me time to heal.  Something only he could do!!  I feel his love for me and feel so very blessed. 

God has shown me some pretty amazing things this past year. He has helped me with many things too.  A good friend is really good about sending uplifting things to my e-mail.  This was one of them.

 Sometimes it is better to let people go then to keep them in your life.  My friend reminded me that I have had to be strong to make it through what I have gone through.   I said back to her God has gotten me through it so I give all credit to him.

I have learned so much about Integrity.  I believe this saying below with all my heart and have try my hardest to live this way.   I teach my kids to live this way too.   Truly it's the way of peace and happiness. 

When god granted me time to heal it also benefited my family.  There has been a great deal of peace in our home and a calm that feels wonderful...  It definitely is the presence of Christ.