March 15, 2013

~The loss of a friend

 Last year at this time I was celebrating her on her Birthday.  She's gone now.  It's so painful and unless you have had to lose a friend permanently it's hard to understand.  This was one of my dearest friends and I have  for sure been grieving her loss.  She did not die.  No she betrayed me.  It was a heart wrenching experience but people are not always what they seem to be on the surface.  She was the opposite of the person I knew or the person she showed her self to be.  It's pretty sad but in the end I am glad it all came to a head so I could heal from all the damage and pain she caused me.  I have grown so much and know with all my heart that I am a stronger person for going through this experience.  I can better help those who have to go through big things in life.  I did not let her take my soul I gave my soul to god and for that I have been blessed!!

Time heals all.  I know this. I have lost many people I love and care about.  Thank goodness for my loving father above who grants me with peace daily.  He knows me well and strengthens me more then I even ask for.  Also for my family who I lean on and they love me and have helped me so much walk through this.  Life really is short.  Don't take for granted those around you that you love.  Tell them each and everyday.