July 13, 2008

Camping,hanging out with our friends

My Good friend Tracie with Bryson & Madison
OK The Jump is on
Madison and Bryson playing in the sand
Haning with my Mason man
I love this kid!!!! And his chunky face!
Having fun haning out

We went camping at the most beautiful camping spot. I can't take credit, My friends Leroy and Tracy who also live across the street found this spot.
We had a great time. Mini Beach, Hiking, Campfire, and just a great time with family and friends. This is a spot I will have to have Ron take us back to for sure.


Kim said...

Man, You all are having a very fun summer.

Emily said...

I am so glad to see you are out and not letting your leg get in the way of having fun.

I love all the pictures but the one of you kissing Bryson is soooo sweet.
His face is so chunky and cute!

Sue said...

I love the picture of Ron and Bryson showing off their bods.
Very funny! Looks like a great camping place.

Lynne said...

How fun! Hope your leg is doing better. Camping is fun. Thanks for the up-date. Those are some great pictures.

Amy said...

Katie and I were laughing at the picture of Ron and Bryson. That's pretty dang cute.
What a nice camping spot.
We will have to give that one a try. We are looking for somewhere new and it looks beautiful..

Karen said...

The block party you had looks fun. I have wished for years to start something like that up. Brian always says no one will try. I am going to show him the pictures from yours when he gets home tonight.
Camping is always fun at least for our family. You look pretty in pink. looks like you all had a great time.

Ann said...

It was good seeing you last week, you look great jill.
What a great Idea to have a blog page. I am way out dated but with so much family far away I will consider doing one. Anyway I love all the pictures and watching your family grow up. Alaska looked beautiful.

The Knappy Crew said...

Wow Jill you look sooooo great!. I love to camp. You guys look like you had a blast. Dave said for me to tell you to get Ron to kick the "roids". lol

Linda said...

Jill, I have missed you on weds. I got your blog address from Katie.
I heard you are at your goal weight. That is so great. I went over to your spa blog and saw the before and after. Your after picture is so amazing and your eyes sparkle.
Looks like you are having a great summer.
Hope to see you in the fall when the kids are back in school. Bryson is so big and cute and boy have Madison and Mason grown up.
Your family is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
We just got back from a week of camping on the beach. It was hot but fun. I love all the new pictures since I was last here.
Check out my blog some time, I just put the camping pictures on today.


Jen said...

Very cute.


Tamster said...

Jill, thank you for your sweet thoughts and comments on my blog. You are welcome to visit and comment anytime. I am home now, after 3 weeks at my mom's. I mostly worry for her. I know she will have the hardest time of any of us. Thanks again.

I love the flag background and all your pics! Thanks for sharing all your family fun with us. :-) Tami

Tamster said...

Oh, and you are welcome to add us to your blog list. I may already have you on ours; I'll have to check. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your 4th party looked like alot of fun. We went to Florida for 2 weeks to see my mom and saw a fireworks show on the beach. So you remember going to Ventura Beach that one year at 4am for a morning fireworks show? That was alot of fun.
Good to see your leg is doing better.


Leslie said...

Jill Knapp,
How are you. Lisa gave me your blog address. I can't believe how much weight you have dropped. They say fighting the pain of a broken body part can burn calories and boy it worked for you. You look so good. I love the pictures on your blog. I am not so savvy on the computer or my family would want me to keep a blog.

Take care and come back on weds when you can

Debra said...

Bryson is so cute flexing with Ron.
Looks like a cool camping spot.
We are going camping this weekend. Cant wait to get away.
Hope your ankle is healing well