July 05, 2008

5th Annual 4th Of July Block Party

What a great party!! From Great food,Water ballons,Water Slide,Sparklers and fireworks it turned out to be another sucessful block party. We loved visiting and enjoying the beautiful weather. The kids had a blast and I think each year the kids really look forward to this day and to see them have so much fun brought me much joy. This day will make a great memory for along time or at least until next year.


Emily said...

The kids do look they had a great time. Happy 4th

Karen said...

Looks like allot of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

We Just got back in town from Utah. It looks like you guys had a good 4th.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.
Love all the new pictures.


Linda said...

I have not been to your blog in a long time. I love the flag as the back drop.
Alaska looks beautiful. I will have to call you. We think about that trip for next year. I love all the pictures of your family.

Katie said...

That looks like a great fireworks show. Thank you for your up-dates. I love to see your family.

Tell Ron Good Job On His Home Run.

Angie said...

Hey Jilly,
We were in Hawaii for the past 12 days. I love all your pictures. Glad to see you had a good 4th.
America is great!!! It's brought many blessings to my family.

Michelle said...

The 4th is one of my favorite Holidays becuase we have a block party to and it's been on going the past 3 yrs. Your's looks well planned out. Anyway, Tell Ron it looks like he has to have one stong hit to get it over the fence.
Good for him.
I love the picture of Bryson sitting with his friends they are all so cute.
Hope your leg is healing good.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good 4th. We Just did the local thing. BBQ than fireworks at the mall. We are taking my mom and dad on a cruise for their 40th Anniversary in Aug to Hawaii.
It will be a fun family trip. All of my siblings and their families are going also.
I love all the pictures.
You have a beautiful family.

Megan Whitney

Anonymous said...

Glad to see what a fun 4th you had.
Hope your sore throat is better. I saw your spa page and Jill your before and after pictures are amazing. You look so good.
I am proud of you.


Sims Family said...

What a beautiful family! It looks like a wonderful place to live.

Tara Jones said...

Wow!! Jill Knapp your before and after picture on your spa girl web page look great!! You inspire me to get off my bum and start eating right. Glad to see all the new pictures on your blog.
The picture of you and Ron in Alaska is beautiful. What a handsome couple you make.

Shelly said...

Ok Jilly, It looks like a great block party but there are no pix of you. I suppose you were the one taking the pix but it would have been nice to see you having fun too.
I popped my head over to your spa blog and you look so amazing. Your awasome!!! You are my hero and I am going to follow what you did to loose all that weight.

Hugs to you my friend

Amy said...

Jill, you took GREAT photos! I can't wait to scrapbook these! Thanks. If you have any more with Emma would you email them to me? amymjknight@hotmail.com. You should come scrapbook sometime with the crop club. Thanks for your hard work for the Independence Day party. --A

Tina said...

Fun party. I would love to have a street to live on where people would actually come. We tried but it did not work. :-(
Well, You look so good jill. Im proud of you.