October 12, 2007

Ron Coaching Mason's soccer team

Ron has been coaching soccer for years. The boy's really look up to him and I am sure he enjoys when we go places in town kids say hey coach Knapp. Oh coach Knapp my friend wants to be on our team next year. I know he has really loves being a coach.


Coach Sam said...

Hello Knapp Family, I was about to log on to update my blogs and I saw your blog scroll by the 'recently updated' blog roll. I clicked it because I have some friends named 'Knapp' who moved away a few years ago and I thought this moght ne their blog.

I am a coach also and have a similar blog called Coach Sam's Life. Anyway... Just wanted to give you encouragement and say nice job on the Knapp Family Blog. This will be a great legacy to your children...!


Coach Sam

Britney said...

Jill, Your pictures look great. I want to put a blog page together. Utah is ok but I miss Idaho. Maybe we will move back someday.
Bryson looks big for his age.
He's not even 3 yet is he?
Well, just wanted to say Hello and good job on your families page...

Keep in touch

Kimberly said...

You have a very cute web page.
I rated it a 9.

Pat Renolds said...

What part of Idaho do you live in?
We know a few knapp families that live in Middleton, ID

Katie Knapp said...

This is the 2nd time I looked at your blog. My last name is Knapp. I married into the name and live in New York. My husbands name is Samual Knapp. My be our husbands are related.
anyway you have a great looking family.

Katie Knapp

Blogger 190 said...

Very Cute Picture of your M&M's
Blogger 190

Sandy said...

what an adorable picture of your son teaching your daughter to pray.
very cute. You have a nice photo blog page.

Anonymous said...

Ok, You both have great genes. look at your adorable kids,
I just saw your post on blog catalog. I have known a few knapps in my years but your family is not one of them. I just had to write that your family is great to look at.
Susan Smith, Texas

Anonymous said...

hi there,
my name is tony knapp and i live in tewkesbury which is in gloucestershire in the uk. and i have a daughter whose name also is katie knapp ......