July 19, 2013

Dad Turns 80

We had a wonderful surprise party for my Dad's 80th Birthday!  My Brother came into town and me and my sister had to keep it from my dad so it would not spoil the surprise.  My Brother answered the door and to  my Dad's surprise he had to look twice before he realized it was my Brother.  My uncle Robert my dad's brother came into town also.  What a great surprise for my dad.  Then we head out to my Sisters back yard and there were about 40 more friends of my Dad's.  It was a wonderful day.  It's so nice having my Sister and niece so close and now.  Now for some great news.  My Brother is moving to Boise Aug 1st.  It is so exciting for me I can hardly stand it.  Having family so close is truly priceless.
Ya for family and I love having them all so near.

Happy Birthday Dad!!
My Dad hugging my Brother.
My Dad greeting his outside guests.
Looking at photos of my dad's life.  Such a fun day.

We have lived in Idaho 10 years now and my Dad has been able to see our kids grow up.  We have loved living near him and giving him the gift of being so close to his grand-kids.

This is the picture Ron took of Me Joy and Billy at my Dad's Party.  We had it enlarged for him.