April 22, 2013

Knapp Creations

Madison is one talented daughter!!  She needed to make money for girls camp and she was determined to make it in a way she would enjoy what she was doing while earning the money.  Ron had a patient at work that told him to have his daughter come to work and she would teach her how to make these beautiful scarfs.  I took Madison down to Ron's work and Madison learned in just 10 min and has made ton's of them.  She sold them all and payed her way to camp.  She decided to sell more because so many many ladies wanted them so she even made above what was needed for camp.  If your in need of a Mothers day gift these scarfs are perfect.  She can pretty much make it what ever color combo you need.  We modeled a few on facebook so here they are.  Let me know and I can tell Madison what your you want. I am pretty sure she will be making these all summer long.  Go Madison!!  She loves making them and they are beautiful.  

The Blues went fast but she has more.
The Black grey and white were a hit.  Sold out!! But this weekend she will be making more of these.
The earth tones went fast 2 but she has 2 more for sale.
Pink My favorite were sold out until she got her hands so busy she has 3 ready to sell.
The orange and blue Madison was not sure would sell but they are all gone and she is adding more of this color to her collection.