February 21, 2013

The Story Behind The Picture.

A lady named Kim who has been on my "Get Up and Get Moving" Facebook page ended up becoming a friend.  The day before Valentines day I posted the photo of Ron and I holding hands as my profile picture.  Kim sent me a message saying she loved that picture.  I told her how much I loved it too and why this picture holds such a special place in my heart.  She asked me if she could use the picture for a Rack Card for her marriage counseling business in Illinois .  I was honored she asked. I contacted the photographer to make sure she would be OK with it and she was delighted.  I can't believe how someone I met via Facebook has touched my life.  Kim is a doll and I am so glad she reached out. After Kim was done working with a graphic designer the card was a go and here it is.
The photo on the left side is Ron and I. I love it and was so happy to be on this Rack Card

This was posted on my friend Kim's Facebook page along with the photo card.  The story behind this rack card is amazing. The picture is of a real marriage with a beautiful story. I'm glad to have an image to connect with, rather than having to use a stock photo. A designer assisted me, free of charge. Mike amazed me once again, with technical skills I didn't know he had. Thank you  Jill Knapp, Jill Thens and Mike Rapach for helping me with this little creation.