February 07, 2013

I Love my Pageant Sisters!!

I love the world of pageants!  Pageants have such a great way to pull yourself out of your comfort zone.  For me it really boosted me getting my Platform known and it gave me the confidence needed to start spreading my message of living with Type 2 diabetes and living a healthy life. One of the major things I loved about doing a pageant is getting to know many amazing woman who are still to this day dear friends to me.  Last weekend Madison and I attended the Mrs. Idaho USA pageant.  I had 2 friends competing.  It was fun being on the watching side of the pageant instead of the competing!!  These are a few pic's from the evening.
Pageant Sisters Kaley, Jamie and Beverly
Pageant Sister Blythe
Madison wanted a picture with my dear friend and pageant Sister Tina who looked amazing on stage and did a great job in the pageant.  Love you Tina!!
Pageant sister Tina with MC and pageant sister Megan. 

My pageant Sister's lift my spirits.  They see the good in me.  Tell me I am wonderful even when I don't feel that way. They support me in my passions. We support each other in our endeavors. They are my Pageant Sisters.