January 25, 2013

New Lease on Life!!

I feel as if I have a new lease on life. The quote above really holds true to me.  2012 was a storm a BIG BIG STORM. Getting through 2012 was not easy to say the least but I did it and it's over.  I remember May like it was yesterday.  Has 8 month really went by and all though many of the months in between seem to blend and I don't feel like I was really living during a some of them.  With the large amounts of my focus being on my health just surviving was my focus.  The countless asthma attacks and the loss of my voice which my Dr. said had a name dysphonia which is when the voice box is squeezed so tight by the muscles around it which is usually caused by high doses stress and fear.  At times I could not understand why after 8 years having no asthma problems all of a sudden I am faced with countless attacks and no voice.  STRESS, STRESS, STRESS.  I spent more time having the focus on my health that the problem that was causing the stress continued to take it's tole. I am better but it's a slow better a really slow better.  My health still struggles and my lungs are slowly healing.

Looking back remembering all the stress can bring up much pain that someday will be apart of my book that I have finally started writing as I promised my loving father in-law George. I know gods will is for me to help others with things I have gone through in my life but first I must heal before I am really in writing mode. For now I just want to thank my family and friends that have helped me slowly move past this trial.  I have been blessed to have so many spiritual experiences during what I call the hardest year of my life.  God is amazing and I have been blessed to feel my Mom and Mom Shanon's and my dear Father in-laws spirit  with me this past year. I feel I can't take life for granted.  Tomorrow you never know what will come your way so just enjoy what is around you in the here and now.