September 15, 2012

Time out for woman & Time out for Girls 2012

Such a great time this year at Time out for woman with good friend Tami and Sherrie.   The theme was “Seek the Good.  The speakers were wonderful and what an uplifting day it was!!  Loved every min. They also had a Time out for girls that our daughters Madison and Natalia got to attend.  Both said it was wonderful.
So good seeing Hilary Weeks again!!  Such an amazing voice and this lady was sent to earth to help me get though hard trials.  I told her this as I gave her a hug.  Seems when ever a big trial comes so does a new release of a wonderful album.  Thank you so much miss Hilary!! :-)
The amazing Author Brad Wilcox.  It was wonderful meeting with him.
Madison with the Beautiful Singer Sandra Turley
 The wonderful Mariama Kallon.  Her journey on earth has been amazing and she is a true example of someone who has endured her trials well.  It was wonderful meeting her.

Madison with good friend Natalia at Time out for Girls.  They had a blast and were so uplifted by the spirit.