December 13, 2012

Mason Turns 15!!

Oh how I love Mason!!  He is such a wonderful Son!!  I love being called mom by him and feel ever so blessed!! Happy Birthday My wonderful Mason

 Mason's Birthday Party was so nice.  With his favorite cheesecake and family he was one happy camper!!


Angie said...

Wow Jilly I remember when we worked for Dr. Eder and you were pregnant with Mason. You have such great looking kids. Glad you brought your blog up to date. I still don't do facebook. Happy Holidays to your and your family. I miss you Jilly.

Angie said...

I forgot to say I love the picture of you and Ron holding hands. Such a sweet picture.
Take care my dear friend.

Lynne said...

Jill, It's been too long. Thanks for sending me the e-mail about the update. My gosh Mason has changed so much. He looks 18 in his now picture. What a handome young man. Wish we lived closer. I loved seeing all the photos. I stoped blogging a few years ago but you have inspired me to start again. I switched to wordpress and don't know the fisrt thing about it. But I think I will make it a goal to start up blogging in January.
Enjoy the Holidays with your family.

Tina J said...

It's so nice seeing all the photos of your family. I just saw your story on the huffington post. Your inspiring Jill. I can't believe Mason is 15. I miss living near you. Move back to CA so we can be near.
Hope you have a wonderful Chirstmas and a happy new year.

Carol Anne Miller said...


My gosh where on earth did the time go. Mason was just a baby like YESTERDAY!! What a super handsome young man. Happy Birthday Mason. I tried to leave a comment under the post of your and Madison's photo shoot. She looks just like you when you were young. I feel like I am looking at you when I look at her. Those pictures are beautiful. Jill you just don't age. You are so lucky you stay so looking young. I have always wish that ran in my family.

We may come to Idaho in Feb to see my parents. I will be in touch. I would love to see you my friend.

Have a very happy holiday.

Sarah said...

When I saw that you were married 18 years I thought wow that went fast than I remembered so have we and it made me laugh harder. Goooo Mason. He looks great. Wish him a Happy Birthday from me. I just spent about an hour viewing your blog. Your family is beautiful. I love your post from what you learned this year. I have always known you as a strong soul so what ever it is your going through I know you will get through it with a smile. We sure miss you out here in Calabasas. I am glad I was able to catch up. We are all great our kids are going way to fast.
Merry Christmas Jill
I will e-mail you some photos of the kids and you should be getting a Christmas card by Monday.

Melissa said...

Jilly your family is as beautiful as ever. Happy New Year! Looks like a fun party. Missing you from CA it's so nice seeing your kids and family photos.