December 19, 2012

Lessons of 2012

It has been one of the hardest years I have ever had in all of my years of life.  I have learned so much and am blessed with an amazing support system of people who have loved me and held me up through some very hard trials.  For this I have a full heart and feel so blessed so very blessed!!

Lessons  I have learned in 2012~
#1 When you are able to forgive others, even if they are unapologetic for the wrongs that they have committed against you, you will truly find peace and be free.  I have a big heart and love people!  Some people can hurt us even people who we  cared deeply about. It does hurt but it does not change who I am. I  can forgive and I can't have the spirit with me if I am angry. I need the spirit with me now more than ever and so it's up to me to forgive so I can feel the spirit of god guide my life.  Also remember Remember, however much they are harming us, they are harming themselves more! So forgive, forgive, forgive!!  It's a process but it can be done as I know I am living proof of doing it.

#2 I am stronger than I ever thought I was.  Getting through trials are hard but with gods help I see my strength to persevere and endure.  A wise man taught me that I don't have time to look back on the bad that has taken place in my life. He said as the farmer can't plow a straight line if he looks back so you need to continue on the path and look forward.  I have taken this to heart in a big way and this year especially I have applied it to my life.  I just keep looking forward and if I catch myself looking back I think of the plow!!

#3 The power of gratitude.  I have totally found that Gratitude takes our focus off of our problems and fully places our focus on Christ.  I started a gratitude journal a few months back and when I see all I am blessed with I realize that my problems are only for a moment in time compared to the blessings of eternity.  For this I really feel that it's a must to keep a gratitude journal by your bed side and write at least 2 things a day or more that you are grateful for.  This will truly bless your life and your attitude.