November 18, 2012

The Little Things...

The following are the little things that have brought me so much joy!!

Bryson saw that I was having a hard day the other day.  He grabbed my hand led me to the couch and said mom sit with me and watch sponge bob with me.  He said he will make you laugh.  I sat and watched and we laughed together.  It felt so good.  Then he helped me clean down stairs and I felt great..  He is so sweet and sensitive and his little things make a big difference in my life.

Mason came home from a long day of school, basketball practice and church dance practice. But he made time to share his day with me.  He then asked how my day went.  We ended up talking for about 40 min and I felt special.  He is a busy teenager but he still makes time for me. I just love that young man!

Ron made dinner the other night after I had a long exhausting day.  He also helped Bryson and Madison with home work and raked leaves in the back yard.  Then cleaned up from dinner and said I will put the kiddo's to bed.  This made me feel so special!  I sat and just relaxed and watched Bones one of my favorite shows.  I felt so good.

Madison wrote me the sweetest note just saying how much she loves and appreciates me.  The other day she saw that I was rushing to leave for a class.  She pitched in and helped me finish chores and get dinner ready without even being asked.  I felt so special that she can see others needs and just lighten their spirits by helping without being asked.

These things happened on different days but each one of these kind acts brightened my day and lifted my spirit.  For that I am so thankful for the little things.