November 01, 2012

I am thankful for....

So for the Month of November I am going to list something I am thankful for each day.

Nov 1~ I am thankful for that I have a loving father in heaven that continues to show me his love each and every day.
Nov 2~I am thankful for wonderful friends that lift my spirits when I am down and celebrate with me when life is good. I truly feel blessed to have such wonderful friends!
Nov 3~  I am thankful for FAMILY! Near and far.  I am blessed to have so many amazing family members.  I love them all!! 
Nov 4~  I am thankful for a loving father in heaven who guides my life each and every day. 
Nov 5~ I am thankful god opening so many doors for me to share my journey. It's Diabetes Awareness month and I am so blessed to speak at some great events. Helping others brings me great joy
Nov 6~  I am thankful for my Sister Joy!! I love her dearly!! Happy Birthday Joy!!
Nov 7~  I am thankful for Good Health!! My Diabetes is in control and my asthma is getting better slowly. Good Health is so important and I feel blessed today!
Nov 8~ I am thankful for Life, despite all the tribulations and trials that I face. Life is beautiful!!
Nov 9~ I am thankful for my 3 wonderful kids. They bring me so much joy every single day life is truly worth living!!
Nov 10~  I am thankful for sunny days. Winters in Idaho make for many days where there is no sun... I get down when the sun is gone for days in a row. Today it is sunny and beautiful outside. I love days like today!! 
Nov 11 ~ I am thankful for Sundays!! They bring me peace!
Nov 12~  I am thankful for my Mom!! I miss her so much and these past few months I have felt her spirit with me as I have endured some very difficult times.
Nov 13~  I am thankful for Exercise. Not that I am perfect at doing it but boy when I do it sure can take the stress away and bring on a good mood!! :-)
Nov 14~  I am thankful for the colors of Fall!! I was just looking at all the fall colors and just love them. BEAUTIFUL!!
Nov 15~  I am thankful for learning to let god direct my life.  It has truly been a magnificent blessing to let him lead!!
Nov 16~  I am thankful for the people in my life that lift me up!!  You inspired me to reach my dreams. You tell me I am beautiful when I don't feel it.  You give me time when I need help with a problem, You inspire me.  YOU are my friends!!
Nov 17~ Gods amazing!! Sometimes when trials feel so tough you just don't know how your going to get through the day. Always remember he won't give you anything you can't handle. Today I am thankful to know I will get through this trial and handle it with god right beside me.

Nov 18~   I am so thankful that the Boise Temple has been re-dedicated. The Temple has brought so much peace to my life through the years!! Can't wait to go this week!! So Exciting!!
Nov 19~  I am thankful for my asthma inhaler. I know that sounds funny but it's really helping me and my asthma has had 3 good days in a row. That is amazing for me!! :-) :-) :-)
Nov 20~  I am thankful for my Community. Being a public speaker and advocate has brought me so many wonderful opportunities to get to know many people in my wonderful community!! I see someone I know everywhere I go and I love that feeling!! :-)
Nov 21~  I am thankful that I can take each day as it comes and make the very best of it!! I love taking one day at a time!!
Nov 22~  I am thankful for family and friends!! So happy I will get to be with my family and extended family for thanksgiving!! I hope you have have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!
Nov 23~  I am thankful for the Holiday Season!!  I love the Holidays I love the peace and joy it puts in the air.  For a whole month I get to enjoy Christmas music, Parties, Family, Friends.  For that I am super thankful and looking forward to the next month. 
11/24~ I am thankful for my loving savoir.  He's an awesome big brother to have.  His loving atonement has brought me so much meaning to my life.  It has helped me forgive others and myself for mistakes.  Thank goodness we have it!!
11/25~  I am thankful for the small things. Kind acts of love my family show within my home. :-)
11/26~  I am thankful for my Brother.  All though he lives far and we don't get to see each other often I love him dearly and have loved having him as my Brother. 
11/27~ I am thankful for great teachers.  Teachers I have had and that my kids have had.  Boy have we been so blessed with some wonderful teachers who have left there footprint in our lives and in our hearts.
11/28~ I am thankful for rainy days!!  Today was a cozy day!! I relaxed and wrote in my journal, read and just loved listening to the rain outside.
11/29~  I am thankful for peace within.  trails can be so hard at times but god gives me peace.  Peace no one can take away.  I love that despite my circumstances I feel so much peace.  I am blessed for sure.