April 27, 2009

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant

My family!!
Swimsuit Competition! Thank you Rebecca Carington!!
Costume! I loved representing BSU Football!!!! GOOO Broncos!!

Out of 16 Beautiful Amazing Woman I got in the Top 6. It was a wonderful weekend and I had so much fun. I also got an award for the most years married. Ron and I loved getting this award!!
I felt honored to have gotten to know so many wonderful woman and again
get to know even more about myself.
On April 22nd I celebrated reaching a goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. Reaching this goal right before the pageant was wonderful! I thank my sponsor and wonderful trainer Rebecca Carington for getting me in the best shape I have ever been in. You are not only my trainer you are such a wonderful friend!
Thank you all for your support and love. I am blessed to have so many
friends that care about me


Sheri said...

Jill You look absolutely amazing!! I am so proud of you for making the Top 6! What an honor. In the Top twice in one month. Be proud!! Congrats on hitting the 100 pound mark! You did the biggest loser on your own and WON!!!!

Sheri said...

I did not mention congratulations on getting an award for married yrs!! That is so wonderful Jill

Angie said...

OK Jill not fair! I am your age and don't look anything close to as good as you look in that swimsuit. You look like you are not a day over 25!!! Holy Cow woman 100 pounds!!!! I am so proud of you. You inspire so many people. I wish we lived closer so I could have seen the pageant in person. Congratulations! You look stunning!

Laura said...

Your dress so beautiful! Jill 100 pounds is such a big deal! What a great way to celebrate. Looking at the pictures it looks like you had so much fun! Making the Top 6 out of that many woman is wonderful! I still can't believe you did 2 in one month and still keep going! You are an amazing woman Jilly!!

Lisa said...

Way to go! 100 pounds! good job. I only wish I could pull off wearing a swimsuit and looking that good.
Your gown is breath taking! Your family is beautiful as usual and everyone looks so happy..

Susan said...

Jill, Congratulations! You look lovely in your evening gown.
You look so good in your swimsuit and I love the BSU outfit. Look at those legs!!
A big congrats on being married for along time now. he he
That is such a accomplishment in this day and age.

Keep in touch! Thanks for sharing this great news with me.

The Dagenais Family said...

We are SO PROUD of you and THANKFUL to have you as a friend. We LOVE you and your beautiful family. It was a great HONOR to attend the pagent and watch all you have accomplished. You are an AMAZING woman and it is so inspiring to see all you have accomplished!

Kathy said...

Jill, I look up to you and am so happy for you. 2 pageants in one month still shocks me. You are so pretty in your gown.
Congratulations on 100 pounds gone.
You look so good.

Cindy said...

Jilly Willy YOU LOOK HOT!! You are my inspiration and I love you!
I wish I could have been with you that night. You are one AWESOME Woman! I was at your get up and get moving blog and I think that is so cool that you get to speak to students about your journey. They will love you!
I will give you a week and call you and we can catch up.

Idaho said...

Congrats Jill!
You did a great job, especially when you consider that you had to do it TWICE!
Keep up the lifestyle, and we'll see you at the shop.

-Rick at Discount Sport Nutrition

Amber said...

Congrats Jill!!!!!!!! You look beautiful!

Sonya Hoadley said...

You are an inspiration! Thank you for your friendship and your great example. I look forward to getting together.

BIG hugs,

Wendy said...

You are such an inspiration and such an example of health and fitness.
You look so good in swimsuit. Wow!! You have worked so hard and it has paid off. Congrat's on the Marriage award. Your gown is beautiful.
What a happy family you have!

Love to you my friend.