March 15, 2009

Spring Fashions Show at the Karcher mall. Nampa Idaho

I had to take back a black and white pokadot dress I had bought and replace it with this one. Not only was it much cuter but it will make a memory in my heart each time I where it.
I was so happy I was able to wear BSU gear. They are my favorite team and I have fallen hard for the first time in my life for a football team.

Karcher Mall is one of my Sponsors. I felt so blessed after the manager at Karcher heard my story on having diabetes and now being an advocate asked if she could have a fashion show a few weeks before the pageant. I was tickled to say yes.
I called our director to talk about it and it was a big YES! One of my favorite things to do about 20 yrs ago was to do runway modeling. I realize this puts my age out there but I don't mind saying I am almost 42. I have always loved being on stage.
Having many opportunities since age 12 to do runway I found it to be something I really enjoyed. Having my kids at the fashion show was another plus. They have heard about that part of my life and have seen pictures. To see first hand my 3 kids smiling at me as I smiled back was priceless. My husband Ron enjoyed the fashion show also as I married him after I hung up my dancing and modeling shoes and became a medical assistant for a OBGYN Dr. It was a great day. At the end I was able to thank everyone for coming and talk a little about how diabetes has touched my life. Thank you Karcher Mall, Pro-Image, Burlington Coat factory and Christopher and Banks for having us apart of the fun.


Angie said...

Time stands still and you just don't age do you.
You look beautiful as always.
When is the pageant?

Kim said...

How fun Jill. You look so good.
Can't wait until Saturday. I know you must be getting so excited.

Erin said...

JIll you looks so great! I'm so excited for you and your family. Good luck next Saturday.

Kim said...

You look ohhhhhhhhhh soooooooooo pretty! Jill you get more pretty with time my friend.
Not fair. Congratulations on placing n the top 5 you really are a beautiful lady.
Wish I could be there on the 25th for you. Did you get the card I sent you?

Let me know.

Love you Jilly

Kathy D said...

Oh how fun! You look Beautiful!
Love the dress!!! :-) Jill

Stacee said...

Jill, It's like the good ol days.
Looks like you had a blast!

Can't wait to see you April 25th!