January 29, 2009

1 year ago today!

I can’t believe 1 yr ago today I broke my ankle. Now that I look back time has gone by pretty fast. I remember that snowy day like yesterday. I had my son Bryson in his car seat ready to go to Costco to pick something for the Wed night’s Young woman night. I was walking to the mail box and down I fell from slipping on the black ice underneath the snow.

I still cringe remembering the loud pop my ankle made on the way down. I could not believe I just fell. It was cold and no one was around. I remember feeling like NO one is going to ever find me out here. I started yelling. It was so sad. I said can anyone here me. I called out to Ginger across the street. No response from anyone.

It started snowing pretty hard and I thought I should try to move my body towards the garage. I tried to apply pressure to my leg and it was as if it was dead. It did not move an inch. I started to pull my body and what seem to take along time I finally made my way in the garage and put my back right against my van. I could not call 911 or anyone because my phone was in my van. Bryson started to cry saying mommy are you ok? I felt so bad I just kept telling him mommy fell but everything is going to be OK.

Finally about 15 minute after I had fell my neighbor drove by and said what happened. I told her and she called 911. The Fire men showed up and I remember them saying do you have a friend you could call to take you to the hospital. I said yes. I called Jena Lott who I worked with in the young woman’s program at church. She came as fast as she could and took me to mercy hospital. We waited for about 1 hr maybe even longer to see the Dr.

To make a very long story shorter it took a total of 9 months for the Tibia bone to heal all the way through. 2008 was one of the toughest years of my life. To all the many people that gave so much to me and my family in our time of need a big Thank you! I am so grateful the 2009 has started off so well. I am also happy to be able to do most things including having a decent workout, Just no running well, only for Mrs. Idaho. LOL