August 04, 2008

Camping at Silver creek plung hot springs and back to the river with the beach.

The kids having a bike race.

This was at the hot springs. The kids loved it. We were in the hot springs pool most of the day and it was a great place to camp.

Madison having fun in the sand

My baby will be 4 on Oct 25th. Not such a baby anymore :-(

Mason having a blast driving the 4 wheeler.

This has been one of the best summers for us as far as camping goes. Ron has been able to get some Fridays off so we have done allot of camping. I love camping because there is no TV no game boys and just time with your family enjoying the outdoors and each other. We have all had a great summer starting with the Alaskan Cruise and all of the weekend camp outs. We have bonded more and gotten closer as a family and for that I love summer. I am sad summer is coming to an end so fast. I love having the kids out of school and will miss Mason and Madison when they go back to school. I am also a bit fearful of winter coming as it sits in my mind that it has been 33 weeks since I broke my ankle and I am still healing. Above our a few pictures of the last 2 camping trips.