June 17, 2008

Alaska ( I miss you already)

The kids enjoying taking pictures right in front of a big glaicer.
Classic picture of our sweet Bryson sleeping during his meal.
Price Rupert in Canada. See my leg still in boot cast, :-( Uggg going on 20 weeks. Enough to drive me crazy.
Bryson was the hit of the night when the comic/juggler called Bryson to the stage to help him out with his act. Bryson was all personality and totally cute.
Madison with her face painted.
Up close and personal with a glacier.
A glacier right in front of our ship. Very Cool
A nice dinner out without the kiddo's.
The Cruise to Alaska was one of the best trips I have ever taken.
Alaska was breath taking, relaxing, and what a ton of food. A restaurant 3 maybe 4 times a day for 7 days. Now that is service. I was done with the whole eating thing by the 6th day and haven’t been hungry ever since. The kids had blast lots of fun activities and Mason went to town eating and eating and eating more.
Even I could not believe the amount of food this boy packed away.
Madison’s nick name on the ship by crew members was Escargot as she had tons of them and loved each and every bite. Bryson was called the little star as he got called to the stage during one of the best acts of the ships entertainment. Ron enjoyed the food and the total stress free environment. 10 days away from work. He was a happy camper. I did not want to get off the ship. I was so relaxed and everyone was so catered to that I did not want to go home and think what I am going to cook for dinner?
Well, as you can see from the pictures it was a very memorable vacation for all of us. Hope your start to summer was as fun. Love, Jill


sherri said...

Ok, I wish I could have gone with you. You look refreshed. You all look like you had a great time.
Love you, Miss you.

Cindi said...

Wow! Looks like you had fun Jill.
You deserve some relaxation and I am glad to see you got some.
How is your Ankle doing?
Still on crutches I see from the picture. My poor friend. This must be driving you nuts.

Karen said...

Jill you are so thin. You look wonderful. How much have you lost to date now? Crutches are still apart of you? Hope you get to get rid of them soon.
Miss you.

Paula said...

Those are some great pictures. It's nice to see you had such a wonderful trip. I am sure it was much NEEDED!!!
Keep in touch,

The Knappy Crew said...

Wow!!!! That would be such a neat experience. Your family is so super cute. Jill, you look amazing! I am glad you guys were a able to do that.
Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Jill, You look beautiful in the picture of you and Ron out to dinner. Supper fox! Looks like a great family vacation. One for the memory books. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is getting so long and pretty. You look so good. I still remeber working at the surf store together like it was yesterday. Your looks sure haven't changed much and if you can believe we worked together over 20 yrs ago.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation.
You family is lovely

K said...

Those are some really nice pictures. I am so glad to see you so relaxed. You needed a break. Glad to see you got one.

Tina said...

I love those pictures.
Thank you for including me in your update. I need a vacation like that. You are so lucky that you got to sit back and relax for a change instead of stressing over your ankle and life.
Your family looks great.
miss you.

Emily said...

You have lost even more weight.
You look so good. I am so proud and happy for you.
I am so happy you got to relax.
I will call you.

Anonymous said...

Looks fun! So nice to see your family pictures from your vacation. It was nice of your Dad to treat your family to such a wonderful trip.

Debra said...

I will have to call you and get a play by play. Pix are so good and you all look like you enjoyed your time in Alaska.

I will call you this weekend

Angie said...

Now that must have been a great vacation. I have always wanted to go to Alaska.
I am glad you were able to get away for a bit.


Tracie Dagenais said...

You guys look so great! Sounds like a wonderful trip and much deserved pampering for everyone!I look forward to hearing all about it:-) You are a beautiful family.

Jan said...

Hey girl,
I am so happy you had such a great time. You did so deserve some stress free time to relax. You have been through so much this last 6 mo. YOU look great.

Keep healing

Anonymous said...

I remember my cruise years ago and all the food I ate. It's fun to go crazy for a week and eat anything you want.
soo good to see you up and about.
Have a wonderful summer with the kids home.


Pam said...

Your family is beautiful.
Glad to get your update.
You look so good Jill.

Marilee said...

Hey Girl! What a fabulous vacation it looks like you had! I can't believe how grown up all the kids are! You and Ron look great! Sorry to see the crutches but hope your soon to be done with them, maybe you already! Hope all is well with you! CALL ME!!!

Becky said...

Jill, sorry I blog stalked you off of Erin's page. I just wanted to say you and Ron look fabulous in this picture. Cruises are great, huh? Ben and I really want to do the Alaska one too at some point.

Mellisa said...

Relaxing was so needed for you my friend. You have been through so much. I am so happy to see your sweet smile. You sure have taken off allot of weight.
You look great.

sherman and juliette said...

Hey Jill, Looks like you guys had a great trip, FUN! Good to see you walking at church, hope things are going well!

Suzanne said...

I love your flag blog page. Thanks for the update. We just got back in town ourselves. We went up to yellowstone. It was beautiful. I will be in touch.

Lynne said...

Madison is so cute in her dance pictures. glad to hear Alaska was wonderful. I new you would love it.

Sandra said...

You do such a good job at keeping up with your blog.
I love the Alaska pictures. You look so good. Good for you for taking off so much weight.

Katie said...

Jill, You must have had to buy all new clothes. Poor you. You look amazing. Hope your leg is doing ok.
Glad you got to go on such a great vacation.

Kathy Smith said...

Hey Jill, You have lost allot of weight in a short period of time. How did you do it. I am impressed. Alaska is beautiful. We took that trip years ago and I am glad I did.
Love all the new pictures on you blog

Emily said...

Your husband looks so happy about his home run.
Good for him.

I love the picture you and your husband in Alaska

Shelly said...

Good pictures of Ron's baseball home run.
Congrats to him.

Karen said...

Ron looks like a little boy huging his friend when he got a home run.

Tamster said...

Jill, please pass this on to Ron. I hope you see this. Thanks.
We just wanted to let you know because we thought you would be interested along with the rest of your family. My father, Robert Kelly, passed away on Friday evening, June 27. You can see his obituary on Deseret News from this past Sunday, and tomorrow it will be in the Ventura County Star. Please let the rest of your family know. Thank you.
Tami (Kelly) Gooch
(Chris is here, too.)

Anonymous said...

I love all the new pictures on your blog.
Alaska is so beautiful.
Ron must have a great arm. A over the fence is awesome.

Sherri said...

Ok now that must have been one good swing!! Good job Ron.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog back drop!! Perfect for the 4th of July.
Are you having your block party this year?
Good for you going on a relaxing cruise. You needed it more than anyone I know.

That is a wonderful picture of you and Ron.

Laura said...

I am starting a myspace blog page and will get you a address when I am done. I have loved your blog's and you have inspired me to hop on board and get with the times so my family and friends can watch our growing family.
Good for Ron. I love the Birthday and Alaska Pictures. You look so good. Your hard work has paid off big time

Michelle said...

Have a great 4th of July!! You will be probably having your block party. thanks for the update. Love the pictures from Alaska and Tell Ron way to go.