April 29, 2008

Duck Tape Diaper.

My friend Lauralynn came by when Bryson was in his diaper with duck tape on it. She laughed and said you have to take a picture and put it on your blog page.
Poor Bryson was getting potty trained when I broke my ankle and since I could not follow through with finishing the teaching I had to put him back in diapers. Now he pulls his diaper off and just pees where ever he wishes. I try saying go to your potty chair but without being able to go up and down stairs quickly it just has not worked out. One day I was talking to my friend Erica on the phone and she said well just duck tape it on him until you get better. So here he is with his duck taped diaper on.


Lynne said...

He is such a cute little guy.
I will check in on you soon.

Cindy said...

Poor you and Poor Bryson.
I bet he will be so easy potty change when you get better.

Emily said...

Look at that cute tummy of his. He is so cute Jill. He looks like a mix between you, Ron, Mason and Madison. I see all of you in him.
Don't worry! you need to heal before you can get him potty trained.

Sandy said...

Bryson is adorable. Jill Knapp you looked beautiful when I saw you out the other day. You are so thin. NO JOKE, I will have to have a broken leg in order to lose weight. Anyways, be proud of yourself you looked amazing.
You’re my idol!!
Sandy S

Kar said...

That is to funny!


Kim said...

Cute little Bryson does not look so happy about the duck tape. this must be so hard on both of you.


Michelle said...

He is a C.T.
You have been through so much.
Stay Strong!!

The Knappy Crew said...

What a funny little guy!!! He looks so sad.

Shelly said...

He is very cute. He will be potty trained in know time when you get back on your foot so don't worry. I can't believe you are still dealing with broken ankle.
Hang in there.


Katie said...

Hi there,
I am waiting to see Mother's day pix. Anyway, I never leave a comment but thought I would just say hello via blog.
Bryson is such a handsome little guy. when do you see your Dr. about your let.
Let me know when you can.

Happy Mothers day

Tiffany said...

I just want to kiss his little face.
I wish I could make you all better.
I will call you Thursday to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jilly.