February 22, 2008

Daddy & Daughter Date Night Feb 9th 2008

Madison with Daddy and friends having fun at a night out with their Dads.
I think this is the 5th Daddy Daughter night out.
They had a blast.


Emily said...

What a cute picture of Madison,Ron and friends. Looks like a fun night out.
I am glad you are feeling a little better.

Kim said...

I wish we lived closer so I could visit you. I know it must be so hard having a cast and having to sit around all the time. You have been such a great friend through the years. Hope Ron and the Kids are being good to you and that you are making progress.
That picture is adorable of the Daddy,Daughter night out.

Love, Kim

Cindy said...

3 cast's so far that is insane.
I feel for you and really hope you are feeling better.
Ron & Madison look so cute in that picture. Hang in there.

Cynthia said...

Great Picture! Hope you are feeling better.
You sounded down the other day on the phone.
Feel better.
I'm thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hope your leg is getting better.
I know you still have a few weeks before you find out if you get to get a brace or back into a hard cast. that must be so hard.
I will come for a visit.
I love that picture. Madison is beautiful. Like her mommy.
Love, Sandy S

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better.
I will call you again this week to check in.
Good picture of Madison and Ron.


Kim said...

I am a big fan of your spa blog. I hope you are feeling better and get back to blogging soon.


Kelly said...

That is a really cute picture of your daughter and your husband.
She looks just like you.
Miss you on Weds can't wait until you are up and going. I know how hard this is on you. I remember when I broke my leg and how hard it is to be patient with the healing. Know it's worth it and that you will be well by summer.


Laura said...

It was nice coming for a visit last week. Hope your leg is feeling better.
Great photo of Madison and Ron.
Love you Jilly

Kathy T said...

How did the time go by so fast.
Madison has grown up so much. she does look allot like you Jill

Kathleen Jorgensen said...

I am ready for a Knapp Family update. I keep checking and nothing. Hey, your leg is broken, not your fingers. Get typing and clicking young lady! How is your leg healing? Are you still in a full cast. We can swap stories about my femur break & body cast (many year ago)and your tibia/fibula break and 3 + casts!?! Write or blog soon!


Angie said...

I know you have had it hard with this broken leg. Sorry it was not the best news when you went to your Dr. I finally got to look at your blog page. I have not in a while. I love all the new photos. I would be going crazy by now having to stay off my foot. Hang in there sweetie. Hope Ron is patient and good to you while you are down.

I may start a blog page soon. I will let you know.

Emily said...

Miss you. I am on a trip to see my sis in CA.
I hope you are feeling better.


Lynne said...

Such a cute picture of Ron Madison and her friends. she does look so much like you.

Laura said...

I hope you have a very happy Easter Jilly. I hope your leg is healing and you will be up and back to your fast moving self again soon.

Miss you each wed
Can't wait until your back

Angie said...

Hey Jilly,
I am thinking of you.
Hope you had a good Easter.
Update so I can see your Easter Pix. I know you and I am sure you took some.

Emily said...

The Easter Pix are so cute of the kids.
Miss you.


Jen said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, Those are some cute pictures of your kids.

Hope you got the card I sent you and you are feeling better soon.


Greg said...

Ron, I am glad I was able to track you down. Check out our new blog at http://bodens.blogspot.com/.


Sandy said...

I know you must be going crazy with this broken foot. I just got your e-mail. 4 more weeks that is going to put you at the 15 week mark. You are one strong woman and I have always known that about you. You continue to be prayerful as I know the patients can't be easy to endure.
I love you my friend and wish we lived closer so I could come hang out like we use to.

Madison looks so much like you my beautiful friend.
Hang in there.

Tamara said...

I just read the comments I am so sorry to hear about your leg. I know I have not been much of a friend lately. My mom has been really sick and has had to be in the Hospitial twice in the past month. It sounds like you have had alot of stress. Not having a leg and having to be off as long as you have I don't know I would be able to be as patient. Remember the day's we would just hang out talking about having kids someday and now you have 3 and I have 2. I am sure your arms are full with all you do and not being able to be there as much as you would like for your kids. I hope your husband is being good to you and helping out. I sure think of you often.
I was just on-line for the first time in months and I saw your blog page update. The kids are growing and your daughter sure looks like you.

Be good!! Call me if you just want to talk.
You have been there for me many times and I would like to be here for you if you need anything.