December 08, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Mason

It was Mason's Birthday Party Today! OK now!!! I have to say it was so much fun for all who came. We had it at our local Recreation Center. First, everyone went swimming. Than time to eat cake and open gifts. They ended on the note of playing Basket Ball. Mason is an awesome guy. At the Easter egg pool hunt her at the Rec Center Mason found the golden egg which had in it a punch pass. The lady told Mason there was a number of ways he could use his pass. He could come to the Rec Center anytime he wanted to during the summer and even bring along friends or she said you could save it for a Birthday and invite 21 people. He picked saving it for a big party and has been saving it 8 mo. I was so proud of him as it saved us allot of Money and it allowed him to invite each and every friend he has. He really had a great day. It will be a party he never forgets. Happy Birthday Mason Man.. :-)


Anonymous said...

Mason's a great kid. That is such a long time for a boy his age to save something. I love your pictures. It makes me feel closer to you as I watch your family grow up.

The Knappy Crew said...
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The Knappy Crew said...

Oh my goodness Mason is 10! I can't belive it. He is going to pass the sacrament in two years. I can't belive that either. Jill you have a ten year old. That's crazy. Do I sound shocked, or what? Happy Birthday Mason!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mason!
Your Mommy sure loves you. Jill your blog page looks great. I have not checked my e-mail in so long I just found you made one. Im glad you did. I love the picture of you as a little girl. You look like Maddi. Looks like fun.

Love, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures Jill. I am going to make a blog page someday.
Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Mason must of had a blast. Look at all those BOYS!!! It's a good thing you did not have it at your house. Just Kidding.
Tell Mason I said Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Mason looks so happy. Tell him Happy Birthday. We are coming for a visit to Idaho this march to see my family. I hope to see you.


Sandy said...

I can't believe our boys are 10. Mason is so handsome. I will tell Travis about Mason's party and have him look at the pictures when he gets a chance.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mason!! Looks like you had a very fun Birthday Party.


Amy Knight said...

Jill: Thanks for the link to your blog! Love to see the cute pics from Mason's party! Looks like they had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Today is Mason’s actual Birthday right? I heard you say that the other day I think. Anyway, I big happy Birthday to him. You have worked hard on your blog. I like it.
Love, Kim

Pam said...

Jill your blog is wonderufl. I never have thought of making a blog page. I guess it's because all of my family lives in one state so It really would not benefit anyone. anyway I just love all of your blogs and pictures. What a thing to be able to share. Your kids are adorable. I love seeing you once a week and enjoy our friendship.