September 19, 2007

Missing Grandma Sharon

Mason loves reading our book about Grandma Sharon! We sure miss sweet Grandma


Lynn said...

I Think you look so cute in that bye bye birdy picture. You look alot like Madison.
I can't believe you have a almost 3yr. We are the same age and mine are 10 and 12 now.
I don't know if I would have the energy for such a young one.
Well, You look great and I enjoyed all the pictures.
Hope to see you this spring when we make are way through Idaho.

Love you,

Julie Brown said...

I got your e-mail about your blog awhile ago and am just getting to look at it for the first time,
Jill your kids are so good looking.
Lucky you and Ron. I can remember when Mason was just 2 and our kids use to play together. He is so big now and handsome. Madison is so pretty and Bryson looks like a mini Mason.
Congrats on your beautiful.
When are you coming to CA for a visit?
Let me know.
we are thinking about moving to Utah. We will be much closer if we do. I would love that.

Julie Brown

Diana Hubbard said...

I just did a blog page with my family pix. It's not as good as your's as I will have to work at it more anyway I left a note on your e-mail about it.
You look great. Are you sure you are 40???
You look like you are maybe 28.
Your kids are so cute.
Tell Ron Hello for me.

Diana Hubbard