August 13, 1994

The day I married my best friend!!

It was a Beautiful Summer day in Sunny CA.  I married my best friend Ronny!!  Many of my friends and family came for our big day. Many hopes and dreams were ahead for a bright future. Having just lost my mother, Uncle and dear friend Aaron made for a very tough start but 14 yrs later I have to say It was all worth the stress and heartache. 3 kids later we are living in Idaho where we have many friends and a great ward. I have my father across town and really enjoy being able to be so close to him. I love Idaho and have become very found of Idaho living.


Anonymous said...

I was at your wedding.
It's nice to see what a beautiful family you have.
Your kids are sooooo cute.
Mason is all grown up.
Madison looks like a mini Jill.
I sure miss you.
Someday I will come to Idaho for a visit.
Love, Mellisa

Kelly said...

Wow! What cute kiddos.
I have not seen your kids for years so to get your info about your blog was great.
You and your daughter look alot alike and you have not changed a bit. You look great. I hope all is well in Idaho. Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Has it really been 13 yrs.
I was there that day and know how much stress you were under. You are my good friend jilly and I was worried about you. Anyway you looked great than and now. You and Madison sure look cute in that recent picture. I wished we lived closer. I miss you a great deal.

Love you. Sheri

Anonymous said...

Now that is cool. You have been through so much in life. You have made it through. I was happy to see your name listed at classmates. I sent you a e-mal. Hope you get it. You really have a beautiful family. Madison looks so much like you. Yo look great. You have not changed much. Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

I saw your web site information on
classmates. I was in the class of 86.
I remember you were a great dancer and took a few years of dance from the same studio as you did.
Sorry to hear you lost your Mother and Mother in-law. I just lost my mom 2 yrs ago to Cancer. I still have my Mother in-law who I am very close to.
Just wanted to say Hi and say nice family you have. It's a nice gift to your kids to have a blog page.

Sandy Jones

Jamin said...

You have not even changed. My name is Karen Porter. I went to the same dance school as you. I was your sister Joys age. I remember your whole family. I live in New York now but was one classmates just looking around and saw a Woolsey. Very cute family you have.
How is your family?
I hope your Sister and Brother are doing well. I went to NP highschool. not TO

Anonymous said...

You look so happy and that life has been treating you well. I saw your spa blog page. very nice. I own a hair studio in Westlake CA.
Wish you lived closer I would have you come do some hair modeling with your cute daughter. I e-mail you on class mates hopefully you will get it.
Take Care,

Sher Bear said...

I like you as a blonde better. Happy Birthday This Thursday.
I will call you my friend.
I love your blog page and really enjoyed my visit.
You Kids are so cute.
Sheri T

Anonymous said...

I never knew you with Dark hair Jill. But either way you look fantastic!!

You are a very luck lady to have such a beautiful family.
Congrats on your weight loss!